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Advisor Bamsbung EA

Advisor Bamsbung EA has been developed over several years 1. Very simple to install and configure; 2. Very High Accuracy 100: 10; 3. Easy to use and understand; 4. indicator is not redrawn after the first candle; 5. Take into account all the trends of the market long and short; 6. Fully automated trading without interference; 7. The latest system Anti-Cheat Broker; 8. Forex Money Management – Money management 9. The ability to choose the level of risk; 10. Use the three-designed strategy; [sc:336] For the time frame set in the indicator M5 H1 For the time frame M30 in the indicator set H4 For H1 time frame in the indicator set D1 Currency Pair: GBPUSD or EUDUSD; Leverage: 1k200 – 1k500;

  • Дол:
  • 150
  • Евр:
  • 150
  • Руб:
  • 9000